Montly goals – August

Well, hello there August, how did you get here so fast?! I can’t believe the summer is already winding down. As soon as August hits, I consider my summer pretty much over. In just three short weeks, the students will return to campus and life will once again be normal hectic.

No, I’m not a teacher, but it’s hard to find a good back to school image that doesn’t look like it’s meant for elementary aged children! Plus, we all know college students still act like little children some most of the time. I kid I kid. Well, maybe not…

Annnyways, In an effort to make the most out of my last few weeks of “summer”, I decided to come up with some goals for myself. Here’s to making the most out of my last three weeks of student-free bliss! (Side note – I’m actually kind of looking forward to the students returning to campus because my job has been, well, sloooooooow!).

August Goals:

1 – Take a mini-trip somewhere

2 – Do something new (and summery) for a date night with Michael

3 – Workout at least 3 times a week that includes at least 1 run

4 – Track my eating every day with My Fitness Pal.

5 – Try 3 new recipes and post reviews

6 – Read at least 1 book

So, what about you? What would you like to accomplish in the last few weeks of summer?


9 thoughts on “Montly goals – August

  1. I am so sad it’s August. I love summer so much, and when August hits I feel like it’s just a reminder that it’s almost over 😦
    And my job is similar to yours, once everyone is back to school is when the craziness begins! And all my big projects to get myself ready for next year need to be done by September so…it’s crunch time (July was slack-off time)
    I have been eating like absolute crap the past couple of days and I can feel my regular workouts slipping away from me. I’m getting out of the groove! My goal is to NOT let myself get lazy with healthy eating and working out.

  2. Hi! I’m a new follower! Isn’t it crazy that it’s already August??
    My goals are to start completing all of my training runs for my race in November.
    Maintaining my house a little better…life’s been busy so I’ve been letting it slide…
    And enjoying the last few weekends out in the sun before football season starts!

  3. I really need to step up my everything this month! I really need to focus on what I’m eating and staying away from processed foods.

    “Friend” me on my fitness pal if you’d like – megangwen314 🙂

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