The end of summer

Hey everyone! I hope some of you readers are still out there after I took an unplanned hiatus from My Blonde Moments. Where did I go? Well, no where really. I just had a busy week last week and felt like I needed a break from blogging. But, I am back, my Google reader is cleared (just too many posts to catch up on, I’m starting fresh), and it’s time to look forward to a great fall.

Fall?! Say what?!

Yep, I said it, fall! Today is the official start of school down here in Texas and with that brings (in my mind) the official start of fall. So yea, it’s still well over 100 outside and Texas never looks like that lovely picture above, but a girl can dream.

With the start of the new school year and the closing of the summer chapter, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect upon this past summer. It might have flown by, but I had some pretty fun summer moments! Here are my top 5 memories from summer 2011:

#5 – All of the good summer eats!

Snow cones


Strawberry shortcake

Banana ice cream sundae

Corn on the cob!

#4 – My trip home to Ohio in May

Hanging out with Jess in Cincy


My sister Emily and Jess

My sister's new apartment after helping her move

Blind Lemon - Cincinnati, Ohio

Old college roommates, Lisa and Michelle. Hanging out in Cleveland

Ohio State's number garden

# 3 – My good friend’s wedding in Cleveland, Ohio

Wedding in Cleveland, Ohio

# 2 – Jess’s July visit to Texas

Watching the bats in Austin, TX

Stop for coffee in Waco, TX

Horned frog!

Heading out to 6th Street in Austin, TX

Flat Creek Estate vineyards in Hill Country Austin, TX

Thanksgiving Chapel - Dallas, TX

#1 – Celebrating my 1 year anniversary with Michael during 4th of July weekend!

1 year anniversary at Medieval Times!

Michael's new Keurig coffee maker

Fireworks in Frisco, TX


6 thoughts on “The end of summer

  1. Welcome baaaaack! I did notice your absence, and hoped you weren’t gone forever!
    I can’t believe it’s already the first day of school there – we still have two weeks! I am so sad the summer leisure fest is almost over.

    You are so beautiful in all your pics! 🙂

  2. That’s a busy summer! I’m secretly happy you didn’t blog for a week because I was away too and I didn’t miss out on any posts! So, not to be creepy, and I may have said this before and if I did I’m just being creepy twice, but Michael has a great smile! That’s the first thing I look for in guys. When an old friend of mine saw a pic of my hubs, she said, “I always knew you’d marry someone with great teeth.” hee!

    • I’m such a smile/teeth person, too!! Whenever I meet someone new I always pay attention to their teeth for some reason. I’m sure he will be thrilled to hear that other ladies think he has a good smile 🙂

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