Moving madness

It’s that time again. Time to gear up to move to a new apartment. Sigh…it feels like all I ever do is move! I’ve moved at least once a year since 2001. Neeless to say, I’m a pro at it!

This time is a little different because I’m moving in with the boy!

In a lot of ways this move is easier because I’ve been able to gradually start moving things in and won’t need to do it all on one hurried day like the last time. Which is nice considering Texas has decided to continue to torture us with 110 degree temps. However, it involves some work on Michael’s end as he organizes his stuff and moves things around. So that’s what we started working on this weekend in preparation for the full move which takes place September 9th. Dear Texas, please cool off considerably by then so we don’t die!!

First thing on the moving to-do list was moving one of his computer desks from the former “computer room” (soon to be our bedroom) into the “spare room”. The monstrosity of a bed in the background is part of the provided furniture that comes with his apartment (the apartment is also a perk of his job…aka…we don’t pay rent or utilities!!).

The end product turned out pretty well. He had to downsize to only two monitors since he’s using only one desk for the time being (formerly he had three monitors and another desk entirely for two printers and loads of other stuff). I insisted the lovely Ikea lamp had to be on the desk because I hate overhead lighting and only ever use lamps. I think lamps give off a much more homey feel.

Overall, I think the desk area has a nice calming feel to it. You just can’t see the total mess that’s lurking in the other half of the spare room 😉

The livingroom and kitchen are still definitely works in progress!

That furniture will be going (it’s provided by his job and he opted to give it back) and my furniture will be moved in.

There’s still quite a bit of organizing to be done in the kitchen, but I made a nice dent in the progress while Michael set up the computer area.

So there you have it! Now you know what will be occupying most of my free-time for the next week and a half. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather cooperates and everything goes smoothly!



4 thoughts on “Moving madness

    • It’s so funny you noticed the water bottles because I kept saying the same thing!! I was trying to get rid of about half of them, but in the end I think only two made the cut pile. I always get freebies from work and so does Michael, so that’s why we have so many. You should also see our t-shirt collections…insane! That might change over the next few months, though 😉

      No rent is going to be fabulous!! Compared to this year, I will feel like a millionaire!

  1. No rent??? Lucky! Congrats on taking that step – it’ll be fun! I love how he ‘downsized’ to only 2 monitors. I insisted on doing the same thing at work – 3 is a lot to look at all day!

  2. Ahh, congrats on moving in together!!! That’s so exciting.
    I am super jealous of the no rent/utilities (and awesome free bed) situation. I think Michael needs to hook me up with a job over there… 😉
    We definitely have the same office lamp as you, except it’s in our bedroom. Go Ikea!

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