Moving madness – Part 2

Update – WordPress is acting like a jerk and is not properly uploading a lot of the pics that are supposed to be in this post 😦 You’ll have to wait until later to see the curtains and ice cream. 😦

Happy Tuesday, loves! I do love a three-day weekend. However, it always makes coming back to work that much harder. I guess the good news is that I took this Friday off to move, so this is just a three-day week 😉

This past weekend was filled with more moving fun. I now have almost all of my “stuff” moved into Michael’s apartment. I just have the essentials left at my old place (I’m staying there this week, so obviously I still needed some clothes, hair stuff, food…you get the idea) which should make the official move on Friday a breeze! Or at least that’s what we’re hoping.

Perry officially got moved to the new place this weekend and he wasted no time in making his presence known!

He's like a tornado of destruction!

That little stinker also broke a glass in the middle of the night last night that went unpictured.

Maybe if I hide in here they won't know it was me that made that mess...

Our big accomplishment this weekend was hanging some new curtains in the living room. The apartment has VERY white walls (white everything for that matter), so the curtains really helped make the place feel more homey.

Now, let’s just hope Perry doesn’t rip the curtains to shreds. He already thinks they are his new gigantic play-toy!

We also found some time for fun this weekend in the form of date-night at hibachi and some Ohio ice cream that I found down here in Texas!!

Getting ready to head out Saturday night

I must say, I’m more than ready to have this whole move completed. I just do not do well with chaos and change, so I’m feeling pretty frazzled lately. The washer decided to die on us yesterday mid-wash (with loads of other laundry still waiting to be done) and it may have caused me to have a total melt-down. There was just not enough ice cream in the world to fix that freak-out!

However, I’m trying to stay positive that the weather has cooled off considerably (mid-80’s…yay!!), the washer was fixed (thank God b/c I have lots of stuff to wash and doing it old-school style in the nearby dorm was not so much fun), and the move is almost complete! Just taking it one day at a time 😉


7 thoughts on “Moving madness – Part 2

    • Oh I think he’s secretly really happy that Perry is now his full-time cat! He said he never liked cats before we got Perry. Probably b/c our cat acts more like a dog than anything else. He’s probably not super happy that he keeps breaking things, though 😛

      Maybe the cool-down is heading your way? It’s going to be back up into the 90s again this weekend. Ugh. I’m enjoying this “cool” weather while it lasts!

  1. Oh man, having my washing machine break down mid-wash has always been a fear of mine. I really don’t know how I would handle that, but I’m pretty sure I’d also have a meltdown…

    You guys are so cute. Hooray for living in sin!
    Perry is pretty darn cute also, in a mischievous sort of way… 😉

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