What a doozy…

…this past weekend was! I’m afraid I won’t have time for the recap today, but promise to get it posted tomorrow.

Here is the Reader’s Digest version:

Friday – took off work to move all my stuff to Michael’s apartment

Saturday – woke up with great intentions of getting everything neat and organized. 4pm – BAM – food poisoning hit!!!

Saturday night through Tuesday Morning – I felt like I was dying.

Yep, from moving to a terrible bout of food poising. Told you this past weekend was a doozy! I mustered up the energy to come into work today, but I’m still not feeling the best and I have a zillion work things to catch up on. So, dear readers, I’ll reunite with you all tomorrow and give you the recap (I promise to leave out the gory details of the illness!).

5 thoughts on “What a doozy…

    • Haha, Paula…I kind of thought the same thing! I lost 5 lbs. over the past few days and ok, so it’s probably mostly water weight, but I do kind of hope to use this as a start to continued success 😉 However, I’d never want food poisoning again as a way to lose weight. Once is enough for me!! Plus, I’m getting kind of tired of only eating crackers and toast!

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