Friday photo flashback – first day of fall!

Happy first day of fall everyone! Now if only it felt more like fall and not summer here in Texas I would be a happy camper.

Let’s celebrate the first day of fall with some flashback photos of my favorite fall tradition, Homecoming!! It’s the one weekend a year that us old people are allowed to act like college kids again. I actually celebrated homecoming as a college kid, too, but I didn’t realize the true value of it until I was graduated. Sadly, I have to miss homecoming again this year for the third straight year. Super duper sad face 😦

Homecoming isn’t necessarily huge at Kent, but it’s definitely huge for the Kent Greek community. Most of the sororities and fraternities do something special for homecoming. Each year, my sorority hosts an alumni brunch at the sorority house and a tailgate prior to the game. Many of the fraternities do things like kegs and eggs and one fraternity even runs the game ball onto the field for the football game.

Although I can’t go this year, I’ll share with you three pics from my first 3 years living it up as a KSU alumna. As soon as the weather gets cooler it’s homecoming time!

Homecoming 2006:

Kelly, Bryan, and Lisa 2006

Homecoming 2007:

Megan, Courtney, Lisa, and Kelly 2007

Homecoming 2008:

Lisa and Mandy 2008

So what about you? Does anyone else love heading back for homecomings or is it not really the thing to do at your school?

1 thought on “Friday photo flashback – first day of fall!

  1. I love your Friday photo flashbacks!
    I really don’t think homecoming in Canada is as big as it is in the States. Sororities are not very common, I will just say. So it’s definitely not the thing to do at my school. But I do definitely miss being back at school and catching up from the summer and seeing all my little pallies!

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