Perry’s Tale (or tail) – Saving Pinky

 Perry is a simple cat. Michael and I buy him nice things in an attempt to give him the best life possible. For example, he’d much rather use old boxes or bags as beds instead of the nice plush cat bed we bought him when we first adopted him.

The same holds true for his toy preferences. Instead of one of the fancy feather things we have or the plethora of cat chase toys he has available (sparkly toy balls, little mice, etc) he prefers things like pipe-cleaners, old balls of foil, and random junk. Thus, his favorite toy is an old pink string from one of my old sweatshirts.

I call this toy “pinky”. It’s his favorite. Hands (paws) down. As you can see, it’s gotten quite a bit of use and is fraying quite a bit on the ends. But this doesn’t matter to our simple little kitty. He loves it just the same.

Pinky almost always ends up in either our bed at night or by his food bowl. Apparently, when cats really like something they’ll often place it in or near their food or water bowls. They feel as though that is their “safe place” and that item is therefore protected.

(Please ignore that messy floor. Perry loves to get litter everywhere!! I’ll be cleaning that mess this weekend.)

Last night a tragic thing happened. Michael was vacuuming up a cricket (omg…so nasty…more on the cricket infestation at a later date) and he swept up pinky too!!!

Doesn’t he just look so genuinely sorry? Yea, not really. The horror was too much for Perry to bear, so he quickly fled from the scene. Meanwhile, I quickly instructed Michael to “saaaaaave pinky!!!!!!!!!!!”

This was a serious mission to save an animal’s best friend…

There in all of that grime and mess was that little pink string. Pinky was saved!!!

Perry was elated to find that his friend was safe and free from harm’s way. He vowed to never let go of Pinky again!

And they lived happily ever after! The End 🙂