Summer grillin’ – with a recipe!

One of my favorite aspects of summer is the food! I love the abundance of fruits and veggies that are in season and being able to grill out. Grilling, especially with charcoal, makes everything taste better.

A huge perk of living in Texas is that grilling season lasts from about March through November. A huge perk of dating my boyfriend is that he loves to grill! Score! We take full advantage of the beautiful Texas weather and grill out at least once a week (hopefully more once we’re living together).

This boy loves to grill!

This past weekend, Michael whipped up a burger recipe that has quickly become my absolute favorite!! I’ll admit, I never used to be a big burger fan. I find that a lot of burgers in this world are either dry, under seasoned, or both. Michael knows how to craft the perfect burger (this is just one of the many awesome burger concoctions he has made for me) and this is a must-try recipe. So, if you’re going to grill this weekend, give this burger a try. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Michael’s fantastically awesome smokey burger recipe (yep, made up that name all by myself!)

16 oz. ground beef (I make him buy the extra lean stuff, but he prefers to use stuff that’s about 80% lean)

4 strips thick-cut bacon

sea salt (to taste)

fresh ground pepper (to taste)

splash tabasco sauce (use whatever brand is your favorite)

1t. liquid smoke

1t. Worcestershire sauce

Cook bacon until not quite crispy. Let cool slightly, then chop and mix in with ground beef. Add all other ingredients (amounts on everything are just approximate, so add as much or as little as you would like! You can tweak the flavor based on your preference) and mix until well combined. Form into 4 equal patties. Then grill em up!

Perfect grill marks!

We recently purchased a chimney starter for the grill and if you’re going to grill with charcoal I recommend you do the same. It makes lighting the charcoal a snap and you avoid all of the chemicals from the lighter fluid.

Michael likes to make his burgers medium while I’m a medium-well to well burger fan. You can grill yours to whatever temp you prefer! These are AWESOME topped with some sliced avocado and a strip or two of crispy bacon. They have such a great smokey flavor that you won’t even need sauce!

We had our burgers with asparagus and red-skin potatoes. Both of which we did on the grill. If you want a great potato recipe, just chop up some red-skins, put them in a foil packet, add a few pats of butter, season with whatever seasonings you like, seal tightly and then once the charcoal is ready you place the packet directly on the hot coals. Let em cook for about 10-15 minutes before you put your burgers on and they’ll be perfect by the time the burgers are ready!

As summer dwindles down, I’m going to make a point to eat as much freshly grilled food as possible!